Are workers safe at FedEx?

FedEx Express’ World Hub contributes $4.7 billion in wages to the regional economy. But the industry can be dangerous.

FedEx’s data shows rising hazards to its workers since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company had 15 work-related fatalities from June 2020 through May 2021, the most recent fiscal year for which it has published a report on its social goals and initiatives. In the prior five years, that number hovered between 3 and 10.

Jessica James

In 2022, Jessica James was killed at FedEx Express World Hub after the forklift she was driving on a severely damaged ramp became unstable and overturned. James was thrown from the forklift which then fell on top of her. A state investigation uncovered a litany of safety violations. FedEx was fined $26,000 — which in 2022 took the shipping giant nine seconds to earn.

“In the pictures, the report, everything shows that FedEx is responsible,” said James’ oldest sister, Kimberly Briggs. “You know you’re at fault. You know what the problem was. Take responsibility.”

Duntate Young

In 2019, temporary worker Duntate Young was killed at FedEx Express World Hub after packages fell against an unlocked container door, causing him to fall chest-first into a metal pole. FedEx was fined $7,000, but the penalty was later reduced to $5,950.

“Justice to me would be just restructuring (FedEx’s) whole process or setup as far as safety of the employees, ” said Bresha Mitchell, mother of Young’s youngest son.

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