MLK50: Justice Through Journalism examines the systems that make it hard for workers to make ends meet and interrogate those who profit from the status quo. This requires evidence.

Do you have a tip about something we should investigate? Have you witnessed something that you think should be a story? Do you have documents or other materials we should see?

The fastest way to reach one of our reporters is to contact them directly.

If you’re not sure who to contact, you can send an email to our newsroom at or by calling or texting  ‪(901) 300-6722. You can also reach us via private message on Facebook and Twitter.

If your tip is extremely sensitive, the most secure way to contact us is via USPS without a return address. Authorities would need a warrant to intercept your letter/package and open it. For added security, mail your package or envelope from a sidewalk box instead of going to the post office.

Our mailing address is:

MLK50: Justice Through Journalism
1910 Madison Avenue #2220
Memphis, TN 38104

What we look for in tips

We read all the tips that come to us, but we have to make hard choices on which to follow up on. When sending us a tip, here are some things to note and what you should include in your message:

  • We report on the intersection of poverty, power and policy. We want to bear witness to movement-making events and lived experiences.
  • Your tip should include a concise and specific account of the problem. Who is involved? Who is being harmed? What exactly is happening? How do you think MLK50 can help?
  • Include any evidence you have, such as text messages, emails, documents, receipts, photos, reports, documents and more.
  • If something is time-sensitive, please note that in your subject line or introductory text.