Package handlers sort boxes at the FedEx Express World Hub in 2014. Photo by Andrea Morales for MLK50

MLK50: Justice Through Journalism and ProPublica are investigating worker safety at FedEx and other warehouse and shipping companies in Memphis. (Read our investigation here.) If you’re a worker who has a story or if you know someone who does, we’d like to know:

  • Did you feel well trained for your role?
  • Were you ever injured on the job? Did you report the injury? If yes, we’d like to know what steps were taken by supervisors to address the incident. 
  • Did you lose money or employment because of the injury? If yes, we’d like to know if you filed for workers compensation, short- or long-term disability, or state or federal unemployment benefits. 

To share a story with us, please get in touch:

Our team is also looking for documents. Do you have incident reports filed with FedEx or another warehouse or shipping company, documentation of injuries on the job, or copies of applications for worker’s compensation, disability, or unemployment benefits? Read how to share that with us securely.

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