The sun sets behind a bridge.
The sun sets over the Mississippi River in downtown Memphis. Photo by Andrea Morales for MLK50 

With the holiday season comes our holiday break.

The MLK50: Justice Through Journalism site will go dark starting Thursday, Dec. 22. We’ll be back and ready to publish more radical journalism on Jan. 9, 2023. 

But look for something special on our website on Dec. 31. It’s been a tough year for Memphis and we wanted to do something special for the community and the city we love. 

In the meanwhile, we invite you to catch up on some of the work we did in 2022: 

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And, please, print and pass these out:

Before You Talk To A Journalist: We don’t think journalism should cause harm. We created this guide to help the community to understand the interview process as we aim to tell your stories with care. 

Eviction Guide:  Going through an eviction isn’t easy. We made this guide so you’ll know what’s happening when you go to court and you’ll know what help is available. 

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