Memphis’ whitest neighborhoods are in much different parts of the city than its Blackest neighborhoods, as was made evident by a new Othering & Belonging Institute study. Take a tour through these parts of town, through the images below. To read about the study’s Memphis findings, click here. Photos by Brandon Dill for MLK50.

Hedgemoor/High Point Terrace

About 95% of the residents in Hedgemoor and the adjacent High Point Terrace neighborhood are white, making it the city’s whitest neighborhood. More than 20% of owner-occupied homes in the Hedgemoor/High Point Terrace census tract have values of at least $500,000, according to census data. The median home in the tract is worth about $258,000.


Westwood in Southwest Memphis is 99.2% Black. It’s the city’s second Blackest neighborhood. None of the owner-occupied homes in the tract have values of more than $200,000, with the median home worth $65,000, according to census data.


Crosstown is the city’s most-integrated neighborhood, with roughly the same number of Black people as white people, according to the Othering & Belonging analysis.


Since the Memphis metropolitan area is only 6% Latino, the highly Hispanic northeastern portion of Berclair stands out as the census tract least like the region, according to the Othering & Belonging analysis. 

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